About me, the site, and my pets

My toy poodle!
Dug, my newborn standard poodle
Fancy, one of my covid kitties
Muku, our other Covid kitty. AKA muku-ka-chu
Mojo, our big house cat. Mojojojo.
Meet Yves! Actually All Hallow's Yves, since we got her on Halloween!

If you’ve ever stood in the middle of a dusty corral at midnight when a full moon is brightly shining, hugging your horse, gazing at the stars, pondering life’s big problems, getting licked on the shin by his giant horse tongue, you and I might have something in common. 


Well, that’s just one example of the connection I’ve felt with animals all my life. It’s an extraordinary bond and one that affects me deeply. 

I know there are others like me, too. Lots of others! Just ask the members of the Penguin Lovers “peng-pals” group on Facebook!  Animal groups are a major category on Facebook and with good reason. 

People are crazy about animals!

Some people love all animals, but some have a favorite, or one they lose their head over with the mere mention of the name. 

For me, it’s penguins. Wait, maybe it’s horses, fondly referred to as buddies in my family. It could also be George birds, which is what we call the millions of white herons in Florida when we spot them alongside the road. Or poodles! I have two! Or wait, maybe it’s frogs (ask me about Big Hoppa!). 

Okay, you’re starting to get the picture here. I’m an animal-lover, and I love getting fun gifts related to my favorite animals (read: all animals). 

But how many penguin mugs can one person have, you ask? Um, as many as possible? 

That’s what these pages are dedicated to — finding unique, surprising, adorable, cute and cuddly animal-themed gifts that you can share with the animal-lover in your life. 

While thinking about creating the website, I was discussing it with a fellow animal-lover, and she mentioned how she sometimes finds herself going down a rabbit hole (see what I did there?) on the internet and falling into a time-sucking black hole of sites and STILL not being able to find the perfect gift for your person. 

And voila! My shopping service was born! 

I’ve worked for myself doing techy things for nearly 5 years now, and I wasn’t looking for a retail store (been there, done that, got stuck deep in the sales tax machine — no thank you!). The gift listings on the pages of the site are a labor of love, and the gift shopping service business was born. 

Feel free to let me know what you’d like to see on the site, and how I can make it better for you! I hope you find it useful in your personal gift shopping (or the next time you hire a gift shopper, like me!). I know I’ll be having fun making it for you 🙂 

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