ultimate gift guide for cat lovers

The ultimate gift guide for people who love cats

They're soft and squishy, and furry and sweet. What's not to love?

Cat people are a special breed and if you are buying a gift for a cat lover, we've got you covered with this ultimate list of unique gifts for cat lovers.

Looking for a cute cat t-shirt? Cat measuring spoons to outfit the kitchen for a cat lover? The cutest kitty cat shoes? You'll find some great ideas for gifts for cat lovers on these pages.

Happy shopping!

Cat Couple Mug Set

This adorable mug set is a wonderful gift for the cat-loving couple. It could be a great wedding gift or just a sweet gift to your significant other.

Under $50

Nom Nom

Healthy pet food without unnecessary ingredients — a great treat for your best friend!

Under $50

Cat Ears Water Bottle

Keep your cat-lovers drink cool or warm with this adorable cat ear water bottle. It's made from stainless steel and comes in many color options. Meow!

Under $25

Cat Oven Mitts

This is a wonderful gift for the cooking cat lover in your life. This set comes with 1 potholder and 2 mitts. There are also multiple patterns to choose from!

Under $25

Cat Butter Dish

Calling all cat lovers! This is a super cute and subtle way to add your love of cats to your kitchen. We're obsessed!

Under $50

Pets Best Pet Insurance

Multiple Products/Prices

Climbing kitten necklace

Do your cats walk all over you? or your person? Then this necklace is right up your alley! Adorable and hypoallergenic. What more could a girl ask for?

Under $25

Cat Plant Vase

An adorable cat vase perfect for the desk, table, or shelf. This unique design is a good gift for your friends or family!

Under $25

Fuzzy slipper socks

Well, I thought I had found the cutest animal socks before until I found these! Absolutely adorable ears, noses, and tails make these socks the ult in cute gifts for animal lovers!

Under $25

Cat-Opoly Board Game

If you love cats and games this one is puuurr-fect for you! A classic twist on the popular game monopoly, this cat lover's version is a wonderful gift!

Under $25

9 Lives Cat Decor

This sweet decoration is just meow-velous! This is a very thoughtful gift for that special someone. Who wouldn't want to know someone would spend 9 lives with them?

Under $100

Cat wine bottle holder

Cats and wine, you say? I say okay! This is a handsome piece of artwork for the kitchen, and practical too!

Under $50

Cat Mother Wine Rack

For the wine-loving cat mom in your life, we found this adorable wine rack. A very unique gift that comes beautifully packaged! Available for cat and dog lovers!

Under $50

Fur Haven Pet Products

These adorable pet beds are too cute to pass up! They have all different styles and sizes on this website for every dog's needs. The company's motto is “the snuggle is real” and we can get behind that! And don't worry, they've got lots of items for the cats too.

Multiple Products/Prices

Succulent planter set

Does your person love plants AND animals? This set is sure to please! The set of 5 ceramic pots features an elephant, owl, cow, fox, and cat.

Under $25

Kitty Cat Storage Basket

This adorable laundry-type basket makes cleaning up so much fun! Made of woven cotton, you can use it to organize towels, blankets, toys, clothes, or even as a gift basket! If your pets are anything like mine, your actual cats will find their way into it as well!

Ceramic cat measuring spoon set

These kittens will be hanging around for a while in any cat lover's kitchen. This is the sweetest set I've ever seen!

Under $50

Funny Cat Book

This book has raving reviews, and it's not hard to see why! It's pawfully funny! We recommend this book for any cat lover with a great sense of humor.

Under $25

Cat lover shoes

Cat lovers will adore these cute slip-ons!

Under $50

Cat Apron

This cute cat apron makes for a great gift! Perfect for the cat lover who enjoys cooking, making art, or gardening! This company offers many designs and other animals as well!

Under $25

Cat Paw Candle

Check out these unique cat paw candles! Coming in many different colors, they are a perfect and relaxing gift to give.

Under $25

Cat Sweatshirt

We love this clawsome sweatshirt for you cat lover! It even comes in multiple colors and patterns. Love!

Under $25

Cat Decor Basket

This sweet basket can be used for different purposes around the home. Such a cute idea for a blanket holder, toys, or even laundry! Check it out today!

Under $25

Kitty Cat Tape Dispenser

Such an adorable addition to any office! We love this playful kitten tape dispenser and have a feeling your cat lover will too! Meow!

Under $25

Playful Cat Necklace

What an adorable sterling silver playful kitty necklace! Purrrr-haps a wonderful gift for your cat lover? Available in other animals as well!

Under $50

Cute Kitty Ceramic Coffee Cup

Absolutely adorable ceramic cat mug with lid and spoon! This one has 2,000 ratings at 5 stars so it must be great!

Under $25

Seriously adorable animal socks

A variety of the cutest socks ever! Multiple animal types include owls, pandas, penguins, cats and dogs. High star rating, so these would make a great gift!

Under $25

Cat Earrings

We love these beautiful dangling cat earrings and it's easy to see why! They are such a classy gift for your cat lover!

Under $50

Cast iron cat paper roll holder

They call it a yoga cat — I call it a great gift idea for the cat lover in your life! Use in the kitchen for paper towels or in the bathroom for a toilet paper roll holder. Either way, it's the cat's meow.

Under $50

Black Cat Silhouette

These clawsome decorations are just puurfect for around the house! Ideal for hanging on picture frames, shelves, dressers, or office desks! We just can't get enough!

Under $50

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